Appointment Scheduling : limitation to 50 providers, how to change it ?

Bahmni 0.90


Using the appointment scheduling module of Bahmni, when adding a new appointment, only the first 50 created providers appear for the related field. How can we change this limit?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Looks like the typical default upper bound of 50 on REST resources (see here). You can change the value of this GP through the OpenMRS legacy admin UI:


That’s at /openmrs/admin/maintenance/globalProps.form


Just to comment, this is something we should ideally address in the code of the appointment module. We should (a) ask for a larger page size up front, and (b) be prepared to handle multiple pages.

@von, by the way how many providers would you have at your implementation? (E.g. just a few more than 50, or in the hundreds?)

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@darius, we are a just few more above 50 @mksd, so thanks a lot: as the 5 missing providers in the picklist are now appearing