Appointment scheduling: Disallow patient to block multiple appointment slots in the same time interval

Application Name: Appointment Scheduling Version Number: appointmentscheduling-1.7.1-SNAPSHOT.omod

Question: In appointment scheduling, one provider can attend to a single patient in an appointment slot. But as we are observing, a patient can be given appointment slots with different providers at different locations in the same interval. We would want this not to be allowed. Is there a way to enforce this constraint?

That looks like a bug which you should create a ticket for.

created a ticket

Now that I checked up on the appointment module a bit, I have to ask if this is really a bug or if it’s intended?

Given the case that a provider has a 2 hour time slot length for e.g. the appointment type blood tests (which only takes a few minutes) - couldn’t the same patient get an appointment in the same time slot for another provider and visit both within that timeslot, @shireeshabongarala @dkayiwa ? The way I understood the module’s concept is that there are no rigid appointments as long as slot length is different from the appointment type duration.

If I got that right, it could still be added as an extra feature/extra setting, to strictly enforce no overlapping timeslots. But that would probably mean we should not treat it as a bug but add a boolean property instead.

Sorry, just noticing this now, but I would agree with @flobue that this is not a bug…

Adding a extra feature like a boolean property as @flobue suggests sounds like a potential solution if we do want to have a way to enforce this, but I think we should follow up with @shireeshabongarala to see what their potential use case is first.

Take care, Mark