Appointment Scheduling - Automation using Testcafe

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Hello everyone,

We are planning to start writing automation scripts for the appointment scheduling. As we are choosing the JS framework for building the appointment scheduling, We would like to choose Testcafe for automation and the programming language will be javascript.

As we are collaborating with other team in building the “appointment scheduling” module. Both the teams have agreed upon using the TestCafe as the automation tool.

Automation suite will be a separate repository and will not sit in any of the front end project. And the same project will be shared across the other team which is contributing to the project. We are planning to have a separate repository in Bahmni GitHub so that it will be easy for us to collaborate and also to maintain.

Do let us know your inputs/suggestions/concerns

Why Testcafe:

Link for testcafe:

Link for the dev talk:

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Hi, I’m very much excited about this. Any updates on when you’re planning to kickstart the automation.

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Super excited about this… :slightly_smiling_face:

@krishnachaitanya mind sharing what the main test focus will be?

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We are planning to start the work from 14/oct. Will share the project link here once it is created.

@waweru Tests will be focused on the functional aspects of the appointments scheduling module.

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awesome! looking forward