Appointment Module,Is there any plan for updating the Appointment Module.

Appointment module is a great module but it’s old.Most of the appointment module today provides recurring schedules, weekly appointment etc.Appointment currently does not support these features.Is there any plan to update the appointment module.

Is this of help?

Hi Naveed, we are planning to develop this functionality. Please reply in this conversation with your inputs and feedback: Recurring Appointments in Appointment Module

Thanks we are also looking for this use case.Have you start working on this module?

No, we haven’t started work on it yet but it’s in the pipeline to be built

Let’s know,when you guys started work on it.

Just to make it clear, I think there’s a distinction between the Bahmni Appts module:

And the OpenMRS Appts module:

(Though the Bahmni may have have originally used the OpenMRS Appts module behind the scenes?)

For what it’s worth, I would support building this functionality into the OpenMRS Appointments module if there was interest in that… we could certainly us it.

Take care, Mark

Yeah,updating the appointment module is very necessary,It’s a great module although but missing today trends for example recurring schedules and editing appointment etc.