App Framework: mvn clean install Build failing!!

i have made changes in the appFramework service were i added a method called getAvailableExtensions.I access this successfully within the reference application as per the ticket.But on building,i run into this error could any one be having a clue?? @ruhanga @dkayiwa

As a matter of fact that this issue emerged after your code changes, you need to share those changes here. Maybe a PR or your working branch.

heilo here is the branch containing changes in the appFramework module

Well, unless the changes you made in the appframework module have been published to the central maven repository that is, with the latest module release, then you may not successfully depend on them. A work around that may be addressed here depending on your preference.

The git link doesn’t reflect changes that could potentially have lead to the error though. I.e changes to the referenceapplication module.

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heilo this is the link for the controller that calls the getAvailableExtensions that i created in the appFramework as from the above link

and the lin for the view is this

i want to test my changes basically within the sdk.The changes from the appFramework module are well reflected within my reference app within my ide.But,when it comes to building using maven clean install i run into that error above( .The changes that i made included introducing a new method within the app framework service called getAvailableExtensions() which i implemented in the appFrameworkServiceImpl and later called the method within the referenceApp using a new controller called manageExtesnionsPageController.Hope this provides a clearer picture of what i want to do

@samuel34 @ruhanga For this,with guidance from @dkayiwa have compiled app Framework using mvn -DskipTests clean install and the build was successful. I also did the same thing on reference app. reference app also came out as a successful build.thanks

Why did you skip tests when compiling?

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mvn clean install couldnot build successsfully

Can you share the build failure log?

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Use pastebin to share the output for mvn clean install failure

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this is the build failure log for the appFramework and my reference app builds successfully with mvn clean install

Do you have any local changes that are causing it to fail? A fresh checkout should compile without any errors.

He has local changes he made. @herbert24 are you working on a ticket? or something else

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its a ticket