API end Point for Making Calls


Question: Hello every one, am new to this platform anyway I just wanted to know whether there is an API end point for making calls in openmrs (based on the Connect for Life Distribution ) that can be used with external applications for example a mobile app or any other web based app like in python i.e where I can just fill in the number of a person within my mobile app, make a post request to the server to initiate the call based on some parameters. Any assistance will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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@byenkya Since openmrs already ships with Rest endpoints and FHIR endpoints

don’t you thing using the demo instance will work for you http://demo.jnj.connect-for-life.org/openmrs/login.htm

Credentials: username: admin / password :Admin123

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hello @byenkya you can have a look into the REST api end points available plus the fhir2 module endpoints

So, the CFL callflows module has some kind of REST API, e.g., here. I don’t see any documentation on how to use it. Maybe @SolDevelo is able to give some pointers here?

Hi @byenkya

It’s possible in Connect for Life, in short words you need to:

  1. Get IVR provider and configure it in your CfL instance.
  2. Design a Callflow.
  3. Call a REST API which makes outgoing call using the Callflow.

The documentation of Callflow module, with some details how to configure providers and how to design callflows is here: Call Flows Intro · ConnectForLife/cfl-distribution Wiki · GitHub

The REST endpoint (you need information from the documentation above to understand it) can be found here: Swagger UI (admin/Admin123) or in your local CfL instance.