Anyone Using MySQL 5.7 in Production?

We are planning to upgrade our OpenMRS instances to from 1.9.7 to platform 1.11.5. Currently we are running against MySQL 5.6 and we are brainstorming whether we should upgrade the db to 5.7 as well to take advantage of the new features and performance boost advertised in mysql official docs.

Before we go down that route we would like to hear from anyone who may be running MySQL 5.7 in their production environment, especially those who upgraded from earlier versions. Below are the questions that might help to guide this discussion.

  1. Are there any performance gains? Are there new parameters and configurations settings one would need to learn to be able to tune it. (This question tries to figure whether there is a big difference between tuning 5.6 and 5.7)

  2. Are there any challenges when migrating data from earlier versions?

  3. What are the pitfalls we should keep our eyes on?


For me the initial setup failed for anything marked as MySQL 5.6+ and hence I was forced to use MySQL 5.6. Though, the later versions may help in optimizing the overall performance of the system.

Thanks, Do you remember the exact issues you were facing?

I haven’t got an actual log of them but there were at least a few. One of them was MySQL SQLException “Unknown system variable ‘storage_engine’” on install

But, this issue seems to have been fixed. Will post the remaining ones if at all I am able to fetch them from somewhere.

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Well, It seems there might be a lot of issues relating to the usage of MySQL 5.7+ as @kristopherschmidt points out some of them here. As a result we have decided to put this on hold for now.

It is still okay to share experiences but I thought it is nice to let everyone know what we have decided.

thanks for the link @themoonraker13

I too had a lot of issues simply setting up MYSQL 5.7. I believe the database was not being detected while setting up the OpenMRS application. I suggest using MYSQL 5.5.x. It works fine for me

I am using MySQL 5.7.18.The application started and I logged in but only my queries fails where i used group by.

Here is the solution,

  1. sudo vim /etc/mysql/my.cnf
  2. Scroll to the bottom of file and A to enter insert mode
  3. Copy and paste [mysqld]

to the bottom of the file 5. esc to exit input mode 6. :wq to save and close vim. 7. sudo service mysql restart to restart MySQL. 8. Done!