Anyone interested in integrating new Odoo with Bahmni?

Having hard time customizing Odoo version 10 that shipped default with the last 2 major release of Bahmni (since 0.92 to the latest 0.93), I give it a try to use the latest Odoo version 15 hopefully having a much better feature to cover ERP side. Right now I just need to sync patient, drug order, and saleable order, as this is the one I am working on right now on my healthcare facilities, but I think we can make this general purpose. I hope I can find any other people with the same interest.



We would like to but I think there is too much on our plates to prioritise this. if you would like to lead this, please bring it up on the forthcoming PAT call.

@eddyprasetyo I am also interested in the latest odoo integration with the Bahmni 0.92.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think it’s too early for PAT call.

I rely on Bahmni’s atomfeed service to fetch the data with python request library, so everything done in odoo itself without bahmi-erp-connect, service that use java, something I am not familiar with. This done with odoo scheduler to constantly pull the data, and if there’s new, create or update the record in res.partner or sale.order I have to clean up the code a little bit before publish it to github

interesting. We thought writing about a python atomfeed client. maybe we should. talk. We have the PAT call today, bring it up anyway - and share your approach, maybe you will find others interested to collaborate

Too bad I miss PAT call by just 2 hours, because I am commuting to work at that time. May be next PAT call, who knows may be there’s other people with the same interest of using the latest version of Odoo. Or maybe one version behind from the latest. But 10 is just too old in my opinion.