Anyone creating summary sheets for patients?

Hey guys! Just getting started with OpenMRS. I was wondering if there was anyway to take high yield information from a patient chart and create a txt file of this summary. That way we can print out little cards for patients to take with them. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar.

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Do you have a sample scanned paper version of what it should look like?

No, I don’t. We haven’t brainstormed the design of it. We just want the patient’s current medications, conditions, and past surgical history on the card.

In Mozambique, @steliomo is working on some printing of patient information and we’ll be adding more soon. In our case, the intent is to pass the paper form to the clinician when they don’t have access to enter data into the system but will need to write it down. He’s doing this in a report, so you could use the same approach. In your case though, the term “high yield information” needs to be defined so that we know what content is part of that - demographics, visit data/encounter data, etc? and then as @dkayiwa asked - how do you want that displayed on the printout?

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thank you for the reply! we are intending to use the printout as something the patient can carry around so that they can keep track of their own medical history. Also, some of these patients may not speak English and may move to different areas. The card could also be given to a clinician by a patient, so that the clinician has some idea of past medical history. In this way, even if there are patients we only get to see once in our free clinic, then having this card might make it easier for their future provider to direct their care. In terms of high yield information, we would want to include current medications, current conditions (i.e. hypertension, DM II, dyslipidemia), and past surgical history.

Hi @ulqschif,

At St. Luke’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, we designed a report that sounds similar to what you’re asking for. See in the attached PDF… ICU Discharge Summary.pdf (96.7 KB)

Our report is being backed by a Reporting Module Data Set (SQL query, using the CIEL dictionary). The query is… icu_patient_summary.txt (8.6 KB)

The report is being rendered with a Reporting Module HTML/Text renderer defined as follows… icu_patient_summary_Render_HTML.txt (2.9 KB)

Maybe this will give you a starting point. Hope it helps.


@terry maybe what @arbaughj has here would be helpful for you as well?

thanks for marking this for me. I volunteer with Global Brigades in Central America and we use OpenMRS in an asynchronous fashion since most sites dont have electricity–so we data input at the end of the clinic days. In the US, there is the concept of an ‘after visit summary’ report that can be given to patients. This would include the information that Vig indicates is important for the patient and for continuum of care. In most cases, this includes:

  • demographics
  • problem list and/ or purpose of visit
  • allergies
  • pertinent history
  • vitals ( in Global Brigades, this would be limited to ht/ wt/ BP)
  • labs ( for us, this is fingerstick Blood sugar and Urine Dip stick results)
  • medications
  • follow-up recommendations ( including when to be seen and for what)
  • education

that would be enough to ensure transmission of pertinent information for the health care team as well as for the patient. I have also been interested in the concept of ‘little cards’ for the patients; we end up doing that on index cards, but… i had asked Jan today if she knew of anything like that that we could mimic on our next trip ( which is in May)


At AMPATH we have been creating summaries using Clinical Summary Module. These summaries traditionally are used by care providers in remote places where the availability of the system is not reliable. Summaries are periodically generated and made available to the sites before the scheduled visit dates of the patients.


@arbaughj Sorry for the long wait. Took a look at the files and this is pretty much what we’re looking for! I’ll also be taking a look at the Clinical Summary Module as well (@willa). Thanks for all the help guys!


This topic seems to keep coming up. I have created detailed documentation on how to do this with the reporting module. It’s available on the wiki at… How to create a Patient Clinical Summary using Reporting Module