Any studies on productivity changes after adopting OpenMRS or Bahmni?

I’m from the USA where we have done a poor job implementing EHRs over the last 10-15 years. Maybe other countries have done better, but all my research has been tinted by our history in the USA. There have been numerous studies in the US that have indicated that EHRs reduce productivity and increase frustration. I’ve linked a few studies below.

So does anyone know of any similar studies focused on OpenMRS or Bahmni? We’re considering these tools for a very large hospital that will see thousands of patients per day, and even more via telehealth.

@jasonmfry I’m sure the challenges are the same regardless of the system used. Here’s a link to a paper that talks about the experience in PoC implementation of OpenMRS in a PHC in Malawi: (@darius was one of the authors and I’m sure he’d be able to point you to other studies.)

Additionally, here’s a link to Dr. Jerry Douglas ( who published plenty of papers regarding the use of an EMR system in Malawi.


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