Any OpenMRS community members attending OSCON 2017?

If you’re attending OSCON this year, post here so others can see who all is attending.

If you have any questions, this would be a great place to ask them as well!

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@surangak do we have any information regarding scholarship opportunities?

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i wired in my scholarship request already through What’s included:

  • Conference pass that includes workshops/tutorials, plus the video compilation (Gold Pass or equivalent); training courses are not included in the scholarship
  • $599 (USD) prepaid gift card to help offset the costs related to attending the conference such as travel, lodging, food, and child care; gift card will be awarded to recipient onsite at the conference

if i grab that, i would be having a heavy expense of the air-ticket & lodging which my employee isn’t ready to clear for me either am i, is OpenMRS going to do any funding around this so i can warm up to be there!

I’m planning on attending

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Obtained OSCON scholarship to attend, for the attendees hoping to represent us; In case it’s of interest, OSCON is seeking speakers for Ignite, a fun series of lightning talks planned for the evening of May 8. It’s a great opportunity to share your projects, inspiration, and pet peeves with your fellow OSCON attendees. The proposal deadline is coming up on April 3.