Any implementations for Insurance process workflow in Bahmni ?

Hello community,

Is there any insurance related modules for tracking the insurance claims in Bahmni? Possible team is trying to integrate with openIMIS system.

I find this thread of discussion How to handle insurance payment in OpenERP ?.
It seems like there is no any integration with insurance system for submitting the claims and tracking the claims status (Approved/Rejected).

It would be really very helpful to us if we can hear about the experience from anyone who has implemented the insurance work flow.

cc: @darius | @sanjayap

@laxman I’m curious if you all have made any progress on this?

Hi @darius, we are working on requirement analysis and designing the workflow/architecture for the integration product. As of now, OpenIMIS API is yet not available. We will be working on phases. First phase will have the implementation for OPD work-flow , Later releases will have IPD,ER flows and reporting features integrated.