Any Bahmni implementation in Ghana?

(kwaku mensah) #1

Hi Guys, Please is anyone aware of a Bahmni implementation in any clinic or hospital in Ghana? Or does anyone know of an Implementer who is situated in ghana? Thanks

(Ramashish Joshi) #2

Have you checked the list of implementations and implementation partners?

(kwaku mensah) #3

Yes I did and there was non. I actually emailed the Bahmni coalition and they told me they don’t know of any official implementations or implementers in Ghana. So they recommended ItelliSoft Kenya to me. But the project I’m working requires that the implementer should have an experience in Ghana. That’s why I asked on this forum just in case there are some “unofficial” implementations in Ghana that somone knows of. Thanks for the quick response.

(barnabas owusu) #4

Am in Ghana you can contact me

(kwaku mensah) #5

Great @barnaby85, will PM you. Thanks

(Angshuman Sarkar) #6

@ekowkoomson1 is also from Ghana.

(Ekow Koomson) #7

Hi Kwaku Mensah,

Yes by God’s grace I have successfully implemented Bahmni at a Health Care facility in Ghana and I reside in Ghana also.

I am more than willing to assist you, if you still need assistance with the project you’re working on.


(Ekow Koomson) #8

Happy New Year and many thanks Angshuman Sarkar, for the reference.

Haven’t been in here in a while.

I trust you’re doing well

(Cynthia Antwi) #9

I am also willing to help , although I focus more on OpenMRS Project Management issues. Let me know if you need any assistance.

(Cynthia Antwi) #10

Which facility? Could I get a demo?

(kwaku mensah) #11

Thanks Cynthia I will PM you.