Anonymous HIV testing clinic in Singapore

All, I have been approached by a colleague who is working in Singapore and who has sent me the following email re Anonymous HIV testing. He has also sent me three attachments which contain the design briefs. I am inserting his email address here. I am unable to see how to upload the design briefs (Excel and Word files). Am I able to invite him to the OpenMRS Talk forums? Terry Hannan

have been doing some more work on high level specification of application to support anonymous HIV testing clinic and looking at OpenMRS as a potential platform. First thing is to work out is it a good fit for OpenMRS or vice versa - who would you talk to in the community to discuss this. I have attached some of the design brief and an example of their current draft updated clinic data collection form. Currently every testing visit is a new encounter and they have no ability to create a client longitudinal file, hence the flat nature of the clinic form as you will see. for this organisation we will need a developer and someone to manage the hosting and support - they have no internal skills

Dr. Peter MacIsaac LinkedIn:

Terry, thanks for sharing! You can send your colleague a link to the URL for this page and he is welcome to sign up and join this conversation.

You can also use the “upload” button in above the text editing window here on OpenMRS Talk to upload files. If you have any problems, please open a case at the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Hopefully several of our colleagues here can assist Dr. Peter with his needs. Thank you for connecting him.

Now how small is this world, I was the one who suggested to Peter that he should look at OpenMRS for this project :smile:


Thanks Adam. it was a good suggestion. Adam has kindly offered to assist me in this project which is supporting a charity run anonymous HIV testing service, move from paper to electronic information management. My role is the designer and solution architect, they will need a commercial development organization to customize and build OpenMRS to their requirements and provide hosting and ongoing support. There is a budget to pay for this work. First task is to see how good a fit OpenMRS is to their TURF - Tasks, Users, Representational (UI) needs and Functionality (TURF is a a usability and design framework from Uni Texas - worth looking up if interested in user centric design) , and secondly what commercially available services are there to support an application built on OpenMRS for them.

Looking for someone who has a good overview of the existing functionality and development lifecycle of OpenMRS implementation. Many thanks in advance to the OpenMRS community - One of the challenges in this project is how to register, use, and retrieve identity while completely protecting client anonymity - we need a MRS with no names, addresses, phone numbers or other standard forms of identification - as we do anonymous HIV screening/testing

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Hi @petermacisaac and welcome!

You’ll probably make plenty of valuable contacts here, but as you get started, I wanted to point to our Implementers Guide e-book, which is a high-level general overview about our platform and a guide for questions for people considering adopting OpenMRS.

Do take a look if you haven’t yet. Perhaps it will provide you with some additional questions!

By the way, @adamchee may have mentioned this to you already, but he and I are working on early preparations for our new OpenMRS World Summit to take place at the end of the year in Singapore. (Specific dates to be announced!) You will of course be welcome to participate; hopefully it will be a useful resource for you & the team as you learn more.

Michael, this Singapore event sounds fantastic. I will look at my schedules as I will have just returned from my sabbatical in Santiago, Chile 3 1/2 months with Daniel Cappurro (via Joaquin Blaya) after MEDINFO 2015. Apart from the intellectual input it would be great to reunite with the OpenMRS team!!!

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@thannan we were just talking about you in Australia when I was in Singapore last week. We hope you’ll be able to join us! :slight_smile:

@petermacisaac – in parallel while you learn more about OpenMRS and its capabilities, I’ve also put out a message to the community of developers in Singapore, to see if any of them would be interested in learning more about the project. Will definitely connect them to you if we get any leads there.

The reason I went to them is that you’ll probably want to consider a local resource for maintenance and support, so they can work closely with the users of the software.

Will let you know what we hear!