Annual Report Metrics

Hi All -

We are currently putting together the metrics for the OpenMRS Annual Report. One of the metrics that we report on each year is how many total number of sites/implementations of OpenMRS and distributions there are worldwide, and how many total active patients are managed by OpenMRS worldwide. Those of you involved in implementation - please post here or send me a PM with any implementation metrics that you are aware of. If you’ve heard from me already via email or PM, then no need to post or send again. But I’d like to make sure we include any implementations that we may not be aware of so far.

Thanks everyone!


Anyone have contacts or knowledge of the OpenMRS implementations in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, or Bangladesh?

Ours in Cambodia is not live yet (~Mars or so), so that’ll have to wait for next year’s annual report. And if there were other ones I would love to be connected!

I will give you some numbers for other countries in the next few days though.