Announcing Release 2.3 for the Android Client!

Hello everyone!

GSoC 2016 is over, and with that, I am pleased to announce that we are ready to rollout a new release of the Android Client!

Today, we are moving version 2.3 to the public release up from beta. The current maintenance release will now be 2.3.1 and future release will be 2.4 .

As always, be sure to report any issues on JIRA so that we can get quickly into fixing them. Community feedback is highly appreciated!

  1. GitHub Release
  2. Google Play
  3. JIRA
  4. Wiki

Summary of changes:

  • All new Material Design
  • Patient registration with offline support
  • New dynamic Form UI builder using the REST API, not using ODKCollect and XForms anymore
  • Form entry support offline, even for locally created but unregistered patients.
  • Bugfixes for stability



Great work @avijitghosh82!

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