Announcing GSOC mentor summit attendees

Hi all,

As always, we received multiple nominations from multiple people for the GSOC mentor summit.

In picking, mentors, we consider three things (a) who is feasible to send given cost and funding restrictions, (b) who most deserves to go and © who would benefit most from such an experience (i.e.) would be unable to have such an experience on a frequent basis.

There were many candidates who were nominated this year. After discussion with @burke , @terry and many others (you know who you are) We picked @maimoonak because, (a) She has been volunteering as a GSOC mentor for two years, and has not yet been recognized for her work and (b) In comparison to the other nominees, she may not enjoy as easy access to well known open source events in her region of the world.

I’ll be stepping into Downey’s shoes, and accompanying her to the summit because I want to have some discussions on the future trajectory of the GSOC program, and how we should evolve moving forward.

We invite all other nominees to (of course) get on the waitlist for the mentor summit. In addition, you are invited to apply for scholarships for the OpenMRS conference in Uganda this year.

We have made note of those who were nominated, and your application will be considered favorably :slight_smile:


Thanks alot @surangak for all the support you provided for getting this done. On community I am seeing emails of issues with Visa application, and I am realizing that you provided more than full support and help in getting things resolved on weekends as well. I got my visa without any issue within a week :slight_smile: . Thanks to Josh in Google as well.

There are really few organizations supportive of opensource epecially in health sector. IHS values and respect the work OpenMRS is doing to promote it. Working with OpenMRS is always a wonderful experience and OpenMRS is really very organized and supportive community. The flexible and powerful architecture of OpenMRS which allows us to do intuitive and creative things is really appreciable and I have always enjoyed working on OpenMRS as a developer, as an architect of module, and as a mentor of GSoC project as well.

Working on GSoC is something of great value. Though program aims to help students in promoting opensource and work with people all around the world on real projects, and get intouch with experts of different fields, but its really valuable for mentors as well. There is a great learning on managing project with people working remotely and trying out different tools to keep track of work. Working with people of different backgrounds and in beginning stage of their career is always amazing experience.

I would also like to say thanks to @sharonvarghese for joining me this summer for GSoC and working on last summer on the project. She did a good job in setting up a solid foundation for Cohort Module. And thanks to @bholagabbar for working on UI and making module look appealing and nice.

Looking forward to seeing OpenMRS collegues in GSoC Summit.


Thanks for all your contributions @maimoonak!