Announcing FHIR 1.4.0

Hi all,

Today we’re releasing version 1.4.0 of the FHIR2 module, our first release of 2022!

We’ve had a number of changes:

  • Better support for using FHIR2 with the oauth2login module.
  • Basic support for searching for and creating visits as well as encounters through the /Encounter endpoint.
  • Numerous updates to Task as it’s been used in more real-world settings.
  • Numerous improvements to MedicationRequest and Medication to better support how real-world use of these resources
  • Ability to create patients via the FHIR API without needing to supply so many UUIDs

I’d like to thank our contributors @mozzy, @dkayiwa, @jnsereko, @richa09, @saurabh, @mseaton, @pmanko2 and @slubwama!

For everyone with still-pending PRs, they should make it into the next version, which will hopefully be released on a faster cadence than this one.


Thanks @ibacher , i was gladly waiting for it