Announcing Bahmni Lite 1.0 Release Candidate

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the Bahmni Lite 1.0 Release Candidate. Bahmni LITE is the lightweight distribution of Bahmni that is pre-configured for clinics & small hospitals. It comes out of the box with Bahmni EMR UI, OpenMRS, Reporting and Crater Billing system. It is cloud ready (AWS/Kubernetes/Terraform), docker enabled, fully open source, contains CEIL clinical dictionary and is very secure.

To know what is Bahmni Lite and what are the modules that are packaged with Bahmni lite distribution, please go through this wiki page here.

Is there a demo environment?

The login credentials can be found here. Refer credentials for Bahmni Lite - Docker.

Local Bahmni Lite Setup:

  1. Pre-requisites: Docker and docker compose needs to be installed for Bahmni lite setup. For installing docker, docker compose and other docker commands please refer to Running Bahmni on Docker wiki page.
  2. Installation Steps: Follow this wiki page for installation steps.
  3. Known Issues: Please refer to the Excel sheet for the list of known issues.

What happens next?

  1. For the next 1 week, we are in the “Community QA” phase.
  • We would appreciate anyone willing to help in this process. If you want to contribute, and coordinate with the core-team, please ping/DM us on talk or Bahmni slack.
  1. You may test out the Bahmni Lite on your machine or on Docker.lite environment (docker.lite)

  2. For any issues, please respond in this thread.

  • All reported issues will be initially registered on a temporary Excel sheet and shared with the community to keep pace with. (Temporary since eventually all issues are either closed or entered in JIRA).– Please use this link to keep track of the excel file for any reported issues
  1. The core-team will look onto the issues reported, triage and prioritise on a continuous basis.
  • Prioritization will happen in the daily standup calls. If you want to talk to the team and/or highlight issues etc, feel free to join us on zoom (Launch Meeting - Zoom) at 10:30 am IST (5:00 am UTC). You may also talk to us on Bahmni slack.
  • Usually only critical/blockers issues will be considered. Minor issues/enhancements will be registered onto JIRA for subsequent release assessments.
  1. We will be taking frequent builds onto docker.lite environments, as soon as any issue is resolved.

  2. All goes great, we will be looking at formal release in a week time.

At the same time

We will be updating Bahmni WIKI, with release notes, artifacts and known issues.

Thanks & Regards,

Bahmni Core Team

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