Announcing - Bahmni 0.93-BETA Release

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Hello All,

Bahmni 0.93 BETA is available at our QA environments.

We have installed the 0.93 related changes in the following link for you to do QA

Login credentials:

  1. EMR : superman/Admin123

  2. ELIS (Lab): admin/adminADMIN!

  3. dcm4chee: admin/admin

  4. odoo: admin/admin

Features Released:

  1. Role-based access for forms based on the department

  2. Internationalization of Registration and Clinical Modules

  3. Teleconsultation

  4. Role-based access for reports

  5. Appointment Module - Migration from AngularJS to React.

  6. Recurring Appointments

  7. Multiple Provider

  8. Conflict Management for patient and service

  9. OT scheduling

  10. Form Builder Enhancements

  11. Anything sellable can be synchronized as an Order to ERP.

  12. UI enhancements in Elis

  13. Upgrade node version and dependencies in BahmniApps

The JIRA board can be found in the link given below.

In case you need an rpm to install and test the same please use

Local Bahmni Setup: Steps to be followed

If you would want to run and try Bahmni locally, please follow the steps. The same will be updated in WIKI too.

yum install

sudo yum install epel-release [If not already present]

yum install

curl -L >> /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml

Point the bahmni_base_url to amazon s3. You need to add line below in setup.yml for this


Source the local file:

echo “export BAHMNI_INVENTORY=local” >> ~/.bashrc

source ~/.bashrc

Modify the inventory file if needed and run the installer

bahmni -i local install Let the core team know if any feedback through the following channels -

  1. Talk thread : We will use this thread for anything posting relevant to the release - Updates and notifications from the release team, reporting new issues (new JIRA cards only) etc
  2. Slack : #community channel for regular discussions. Please see here for details

Kindly reach out to us, in case you find any issues related to installation or any feature released. We would be very happy to help you out.


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Just from testing the Beta release,I don’t see the order tab for procedures that existed in the early release of beta 0.93-72 Thanks

Can you please post screenshot. Thanks

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Good morning Here In Uganda @buvaneswariarun, these are the only two order tabs i see but before these changes, procedure order tab also existed,will it be installed back or its been integrated in the order tabs.

Also following up on this… @angshuonline @buvaneswariarun