Announcing Bahmni 0.92-155 Patch Release -June-2020

Dear All,

Happy to announce a patch release for Bahmni version 0.92, numbered 0.92-155. This patch specifically targets the installation issues reported on 0.92 release. This patch release includes a couple of enhancements too.

The complete release notes are updated in Bahmni WIKI.


OS: CentOS 7.6+ (we recommend starting with CentOS minimal)

See also WIKI page on system requirements .

Installation :

Installer binary (bahmni-installer-0.92-155) can be found from Bintray .

You can follow installation instructions from WIKI

  1. Install Bahmni on CentOS
  2. Advanced Installation

Where can I read more about it?

  • See here for detailed release notes. You will also find documentation and story card links to individual features and fixes in the release notes.
  • See here for specific binaries link for individual components

Are there videos too? There is no specific video for this patch release. However, there are lots of videos available on Bahmni YouTube channel soon.

Is there a demo environment?

The login credentials can be found here . Check section on “access the application”

Have any questions, feedback or need help?

Reach out to us on talk , ping on the #community channel in Bahmni slack

Check out our Medium Blog for interesting stories and experiences with Bahmni.


Bahmni Core Team

@angshuonline , @praveenad, @buvaneswariarun