Announcing 2020 Virtual OpenMRS Implementer’s Conference.

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Hello Everyone!

This year has not gone as expected with the COVID19 pandemic and it is apparent things will not be back to normal any time soon given the trends. Please have a look at this video. As a result the world is learning to adapt to some existing and new ways of doing things including hosting virtual conferences.

This year’s OpenMRS conference will be done virtually. As this will be a first for the OpenMRS community, there will be a call to the community members and previous Local Organizing Committees(LOC) to support and help in making the conference a success. There is still a lot of details that are being flushed out and will be shared as they become clear.

Registrations are to be opened in August and there will be reduced registration fees to support the planning activities. With this in mind, we need the community’s assistance in determining the best dates for the conference. Please select your preferred week(s) for OMRS20 conference by 10th August 2020.

Which week(s) would work best for you and your team (vote by 10th August 2020)?

  • 16 Nov - 20 Nov
  • 30 Nov - 4 Dec
  • 14 Dec - 18 Dec

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(Click here to see original version of poll with typographical errors)

Please note the last date option should be 16th Nov 2020 to 20th Nov 2020 and not 16th Nov 2020 to 20th Dec 2020. Take note of this as you cast your vote as I am not able to edit the poll.

  • 30th Nov 2020 to 4th Dec 2020.
  • 14th Dec 2020 to 18th Dec 2020.
  • 16th Nov 2020 to 20th Dec 2020.

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For any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to me at @christine or @jennifer.


Dates for the last date (16 Nov - 20 Dec) are likely wrong. Is it Dec 16 - 20?


Hey @ball, thank you for pointing this out. The correct date is 16th Nov to 20 Nov 2020.

It seems I can’t change the poll since it is already up. I will just include a note.


@christine, I have hidden the original poll and created a new one to avoid confusion. I also tweaked the wording to clarify that you are asking people to vote on a week for a virtual OMRS20 and not the actual dates of the conference.

I would suggest those who voted on the original poll, recast their votes on the new version


Thank you @burke.

For those who regularly attend the AMIA annual symposium, this is scheduled for Nov. 14-18 – and, of course, it is also virtual.

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Thank you @jteich for sharing this.