[Announcement] Patch for Bahmni 0.93 (v0.93.2) is Available

Hello All,

Bahmni 0.93.2 patch release is available

Things updated This release includes fixing the vulnerabilities with struts-core.jar dependency

We have installed the 0.93.2 related changes in the following link for you to do QA


Login credentials:

  1. EMR : superman/Admin123
  2. ELIS (Lab): admin/adminADMIN!
  3. dcm4chee: admin/admin
  4. odoo: admin/admin

The JIRA board can be found in the link given below.


Log in with Atlassian account

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Please refer below document for Local Bahmni Setup https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/33128505/Install+Bahmni+on+CentOS#InstallBahmnionCentOS-FreshBahmniInstallation

Let the core team know if any feedback through the following channels -

  1. Talk thread : We will use this thread for anything posting relevant to the release - Updates and notifications from the release team, reporting new issues (new JIRA cards only) etc
  2. Slack : #community channel for regular discussions. Please see here for details

Kindly reach out to us, in case you find any issues related to installation. We would be very happy to help you out.

Please refer below document for release notes https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/20185103/Release+Notes

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