Announcement: Online session on Bahmni Install on Monday (Jan/4)

Hi everyone!

The Bahmni event calendar for Jan has been published here: Link

This is just a reminder that the next online session is on 4/Jan (6 PM IST). @bharatak will cover How to install Bahmni on your machine, along with an explanation of the various folders and services installed by Bahmni. You can also use this meeting as a forum for asking questions on the install process and provide feedback on your experience installing Bahmni. Everyone is welcome!

More details please read:

Bahmni ( is an open source hospital management system built on top of OpenMRS, OpenELIS and Odoo.

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The session notes and video recording of the meeting are posted here:

The next session is tomorrow at 6 PM India time (6/Jan) on “Bahmni Configuration Overview”.