Announcement : Join Platform 2.0 Beta Testing

I’m really excited to announce that we have officially begun testing Platform 2.0 Beta to find any bugs that need fixing before the final release. We are currently looking for folks to join us in the process and help make Platform 2.0 more awesome.

All the relevant instructions to get you started with testing process are on this wiki page :slight_smile: : If you are already familiar with Zephyr for JIRA, you can head straight to the Test Cycles below. For others, It would just take 20 minutes or less to learn about Zephyr and complete your first test. :smiley:

Here are the Test-Cycles we’d be using and I hope we’d get through all the tests in the next 2 weeks (by 10 June 2016) :smiley:

  1. Platform 2.0 Beta and OpenMRS 2.4-SNAPSHOT Functional Tests
  2. Platform 2.0 Release Tests

Please feel free to reach out to me via Talk, IRC (nick : maany), email (maany [at] openmrs [dot] org) if you have any questions/ suggestions/ feedback.

We really appreciate your help :slight_smile: