[Android Client] Unable to fetch information

Hello All! I am trying to explore openmrs-android-client. I have successfully built the project. However, when I try to access any information from the app I am getting this(screenshot attached) error.

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Which information are you trying to access? Can you give the logcat of the error?

The logcat is not showing any error. It looks like the results are fetched and printed properly on the logcat.

I’ve the same error

This error is due to null value in Line 80 of FormListService.class :- new Delete().from(EncounterType.class).execute();

Log says :- “Failed to find provider null for user 0; expected to find a valid ContentProvider for this authority”

Hello @rimjhim You are unable to see the error in Logcat because the App is continuously stopping and starting the processes in an infinte loop . Try to find the logcat of the previous processes. or try to go for this little hack which i did :stuck_out_tongue: . 1.Maximise your logcat window 2.As soon as you see error statements 3.Press the power off button of your device. This will freeze the process. This worked for me

Hope I was able to explain the process. Thank you