Android client scope


My name is Dmitry, I recently joined OpenMRS to help with Android client.

I noticed sprint dates do not quite follow current development, though in the backlog I found recent tasks. I also know your project was chosed as a part of gsoc and there is some scope dedicated to this activity. It brings me to the question which tasks community would like to delegate new members like me.

@f4ww4z, are you the right person to address this?

Hello @gelassen welcome to the community. @deepak140596 and @f4ww4z will be working on the android client this summer. You can take a look at the existing issues here. Coordinate with @f4ww4z for all your queries.

Thank you @codepoet2017390. @f4ww4z, can we schedule a call to clarify scope I can take? (I am in GMT+3, 6am - 9pm) Email with list of issues will work as well

Hi @gelassen , first of all welcome to OpenMRS! I see that you are interested in working to improve the OpenMRS Android client. I confirm that we don’t quite follow the Sprints workflow anymore, since there’s only very few active collaborators for this project (including me), and GSoC coding session is coming up soon, so we have that as our priority.

But you’re welcome to get started on any issues in our issue tracker that are marked ‘Ready for Work’ (mentioned by @codepoet2017390 already) , and we’ll review & merge it if it’s a good fit. See our Pull Request tips for that.

I don’t think I’d need to email you with the list of issues as it’s already public. Thanks and good luck.

Hi @f4ww4z, thank you for follow-up.

I noticed there is a pending PR request blocking issue I want to start to work on It is in “waiting for review”, Would you have time today to review it?

@gelassen the OpenMRS Community is very privileged to have you onboard. :slight_smile:

One of the most needed resources is code reviewers. So it would be great if you can do some code reviews for these pull requests:

If you also happen to have the time to review even other pull requests from multiple repositories, that would be awesome. :smile:

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Thank you. I understand.

Yes, for that issue I needed to test the resulting entity tables, it’s quite a bit of work since the database encryption. You’re always welcome to review it further, maybe I missed out on a couple of things there.

@dkayiwa That is very true.

@gelassen The PR’s been merged, thanks for the review! You may claim the next sub task(s).