Android application behavior when offline and crashes

Hi everyone,

I have been trying out the android application with a android version 10 tablet (API level 29) and there are some things here that happen that I think might not be as expected and are also different from the android emulator:

  • Creating a patient while offline, it freezes the application. I am not able to get back to the previous menu or anything else for that matter. Additionally, although the patient does get created in the application and in the server as soon as I connect it to the internet again, the UUID in the android application remains “null” while in the server it actually gets a proper UUID.
  • A visit cannot be started while offline, and a form can only be filled out while in a visit, meaning that a form cannot be filled out while being offline, is this correct?
  • Even so, I cannot see the forms I have created with the XForm module on the server, is this normal? Only the forms “Admission”, “Visit note” and “vitals” appear.
  • There are still crashes as per my post but they are not as oppressive. I get them when accessing e.g. a patient and then I have to restart the application maybe once or twice and after that I am able to keep accessing the application might be related to this PR?.

yes @magp this PR fixes this Issue.

@magp can you raise these Issue in JIRA for discussion and investigation,so that It can be tracked properly !!

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