Android App is not updating Visit


We faced the following problem: we started a visit in Android App and then ended it from the Reference Application. In the Reference Application we are able to see the visit ended but in the Android App does not get updated.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start a visit in the Android App.
  • End the visit in the Reference Application.
  • Update the patient in the Android App.
  • The visit is still active in the Android App.

Expected outcome: the visit appears as ended in the Android App.

We have seen that here the database is not being updated even thought the data coming from the server is correct.

Thank you!

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Hello @carolinaacosta,

It was actually a bug before merging this PR yesterday:

So, please update the project from the master branch again.


Thank you very much @salahoamro !

It is working now.

Best, Carolina.

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