Andela teams, please organize the wiki pages more

Hi @Andela teams,

I just noticed that all of the Sprint wiki pages are being created as top-level pages in the Documentation wiki space.

E.g. the space that starts nicely-organized with this:


ends with this:


Please move all of these pages so they are not at the top level.

I would suggest creating a separate wiki page for each project under the Active Projects wiki page (it can be a placeholder for now, with a one-line description), and moving each of the sprint pages under their relevant project.

Also, is there some documentation that is leading to creating the pages in this particular location, please point it out and let’s see if we can clean up the documentation for this.


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@darius I will try doing as you have suggested. Thank you for the feedback

I have been trying to work on moving all the sprint pages from the top level to where @darius suggested i.e under Active Projects. However, I have not been successful since I can’t add the path to Active Projects from the location the sprint pages are currently located. I have reached out to @zeze, @esir, and @justmesam but we couldn’t figure it out.

Therefore, I kindly request help from the community.

cc @dkayiwa @darius @Andela

@betty, I can do the following:

From the … menu in the top right, choose Move


Specify a “New space” (since this is moving from Documentation to Projects:


(In real life the new parent page would be the new page you have created, not directly Active Projects.)

Can you try this?

I’m a JIRA admin so I don’t know if I’m counting on elevated privileges to be able to do this. If it doesn’t work for you then we should grant you the privs to be able to take care of it.

@darius my issue is that I don’t have permissions to edit the New space field.

Andela teams,

Moving pages between spaces is restricted, so I have moved all of the rogue pages from under the Documentation home page into project pages. I didn’t see a page for the Platform UI OWA, so I created a stub for that one.

Please note creating a page in Confluence (our wiki) automatically makes it a child page of the currently active page, so the page you are viewing when you create a page matters and it should never be the wiki’s home page.

  • When you create a new project description/overview page for an new, active project, you should be viewing the Active Projects page as you create the new page.

  • Whenever you are creating a new sprint page, please make sure you are viewing the appropriate parent page (i.e., the project’s overview page) as you create the new wiki page.


Thank you @burke.