ANC DAK: Setting up a Prototype with the CQL Decision Support Engine

OpenMRS, Ampath, Mekom, and PIH are being supported by Digital Square’s Notice F Award to coordinate design of a DAK-Based OpenMRS 3.x ANC Package - details here.

There are 3 different “prongs” to our strategy; one of them is doing a quick prototype where we see if we can get a sample rule set to work if we connect an O3 instance (with the needed codes & forms) to the new opensource CQL Engine (and maybe the evaluator as well) created by Dr Bryn Rhodes’ team.

@suruchi has started:

@burke: We need your help to get started setting up the CQL Engine - would you be able to support Suruchi in this? (She is happy to take over but having some support to get started would be helpful). I’m imagining the prototype end goal being to send the required FHIR resources into the OSS CQL Engine, and get an expected response back. I believe all the CQL rules have been written for the ANC kit, we would likely just need to replace the code IDs with whatever they are in our OCL collection.

CC @akanter @ball @mksd @jdick

Looks like a good start. You’ll want to use 1875 for urine protein (dip stick), too.

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p.s. - apparently part of @mozzy’s work on the Patient-Level-Indicator-Reporting (PLIR) project involved this very same CQL Engine - @mozzy I see it represented on the bottom right of your diagram:

@mozzy can you confirm for us: Did you stand up the CQL Engine? Does it already exist in an instance somewhere we could resurrect and repurpose?

Thanks @grace .
Later versions of the Hapi FHIR JPA Server (5.3.0 +) come with an embedded CQL engine .

And that is the same engine embedded into Hapi FHIR JPA Server

I published a HAPI FHIR server image that is preconfigured to support CQL

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