Analytics Hubs: A single place with current OMRS Analytics projects

@bashir, @akimaina, @ibacher and @jennifer had the good idea of suggesting a single place where people could see known projects going on that address varying, sometimes overlapping problems related to healthcare data analytics via OpenMRS.

Why: Because we have so many projects we’re hearing about between the FHIR squad, Reporting work, and the Analytics Engine squad that it can be hard to keep track of them all.

Here’s a first draft for a template. @akimaina I tried to make a first-draft for the current Analytics Engine squad project; can you ensure it looks correct and add any necessary clarifying info?

I’d maybe link the two PLIR projects to the PEPFAR project (since they are POCs in support of that project). But this does seem like a good idea. Also, the Regenstrieff CQL project is closer to CDS than Analytics, although I realise that’s a fungible target.

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