An OpenMRS Training Environment

At the Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics, we’ve recently implemented a distribution of OpenMRS, heavily based on PIH’s Mirebalais distribution, which includes data drawn from the MIMIC-III critical care dataset. We used this implementation in a class on EHRs for medical students at the Brown Medical School. While the implementation is a bit rough around the edges, we wanted to announce its existence to the wider OpenMRS community.

BCBI is interested in developing this out from the current barebones state to something that might be more widely usable by the community as a whole.

The current state of the implementation can be found at and the source code and data can be found at

If anyone in the community is interested in using our work, generalising our implementation or helping with future development, feel free to reach out to either Hamish or myself.



Fantastic @ibacher! A great contribution to the community.

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Yes - tagging @pmanko - who is interested in synthetic data in OpenMRS.

(and, I think this is a great contribution, independent of any interest Piotr may have! We talked about doing this with Vista at UW, maybe 15 years ago, and never got anywhere… At that point, the undergrad health records management program wanted to use a training environment like this - I’ll see if there’s anyone there who would be interested)


@ibacher I’m very interested in this project - I’m working on loading OpenMRS (and also a HAPI JPA server) with MIMIC and Synthea data using FHIR bundles.

Let’s talk more soon!

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Also, if anyone is interested in the live demo, the logins we used for students where

res01-res30 with password OpenMRS01-OpenMRS30.