Ambiguous error message when CSV upload fails

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Some of the error messages that we get on CSV upload failure are technical in nature and cannot be understood by everyone or do not even point to a field that is causing the failure.

This is in case when there is a Fatal error while uploading.


java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: toIndex = 31 this error is not meaningfull to an end user. Instead a meaningfull message stating that columns values are missing, in this case would be helpful

By resolving this every time the CSV fails upload, user will get a valid error message cause of failure and the columns/concepts that cause the issue.

Jira ticket id: [BAH-1142] Ambiguous error message when CSV upload fails - Bahmni - JIRA

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raise a bug card for this please.

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@angshuonline created a bug card and raised a PR for the same.

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