Amazing work done by Wolf Schlegel for the OpenMRS Platform!

Please join me to thank @wolf for the great work that he has done, where starting from version 2.4.0, the OpenMRS platform will no longer waste time running unnecessary liquibase changesets from very old versions.

For the test runs that i have done with @wolf’s changes, the startup time of the reference application improves by around 50%. This led me to fall into the temptation of using his changes, even before they were merged, for my day to day development and testing, because i run the reference application several times throughout the day. :smile:

This has been a community priority ticket, whose complexity is High. And here is a copy and paste of a JIRA ticket comment from @wolf himself:

This has been a long journey, I had started thinking about this ticket in December 2016 and cut the first lines of code in June 2017. And here we are and it is April 2020... Thank you for your patience and support, for me it was a rewarding journey and I learned quite a few things.

Another token of appreciation goes to @ibacher, for joining me to comprehensively review this massive amount of code! :slight_smile:


thanks @wolf :muscle: for the work you have done…

Thanks @dkayiwa and @ibacher for the fantastic reviews

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Thanks @wolf for your fantastic work on this!


Thanks @wolf for the effort you put into this for it is commendable…can’t wait to try out: firing up servers in half the time I have been using…it will make development faster probably taking half the time we usually been using… And ofcourse @dkayiwa and @ibacher for the support

Thanks alot @dkayiwa @ibacher @wolf for all the support that you really provide from top of the code development testing, to implementation and mentoring others, We really appreciate your input code quality and quantity special thanks to @wolf and @ibacher for your good work

@wolf thanks for the great work!

Thanks alot @wolf for all your good work. Also great work by @ibacher @dkayiwa for their constant support on this.

Iam Wowed !! thanks a bunch @wolf do you know what it means, waiting for 10 -30 minutes waiting for changesets to update the Database… and cutting that time short…

I envy that accomplishment… again Thanks a Bunch…(@ibacher , @dkayiwa ). That’s gonna save a chunck of business time worldwide .

What an incredible gift to the community, @wolf! We are who we are because of who you are. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your persistence and thanks to @dkayiwa & @ibacher for their assistance.


Thanks @wolf for this milestone, and thanks @dkayiwa and @ibacher. A lesson I have learnt from @wolf is persistence, I can’t imagine from 2017 to 2020!