AMANI CASE STUDY- Customize module

hello community, i created and installed my first module using Maven Archtype. following the guidelines on Amani Case Study , i created another module called department. now i want to customize the module by adding a new field “name” to my data model. Fisrtly, i needed to edit a class Department to add variable fields, but when i look at my project structure it seems not contain this calss; my structure is;

Do i need to create a new class or?? thanks

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Hello Jonathan, I was reading through this article (Its a bit old from 2016) → Making Your First Module · GitBook and I noticed that you have to define your own class, variables as shown, getters and setters etc… in summary yes!(Do note some errors may arise as some libraries may be deprecated)

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Alright @kazlaw thanks for that clarification. That means this doc needs to be updated because it gives a real world scenario that would help when one is getting started with contributions.