Allergy UI module broken (?)

Hello all…

The allergyui module appears to be broken after the commit that changed it from requiring the allergyapi module to only being “aware of” it. I’m seeing this error when trying to load a Allergy page:

org/openmrs/module/allergyapi/api/PatientService RequestURI=/openmrs/allergyui/

Caused by:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/openmrs/module/allergyapi/api/PatientService

I would think that the “aware_of” would be sufficient to prevent this error, but it appears not to be?

Also, I discovered this within the PIH build pipeline, but when I tried to reproduce it in on one of the OpenMRS CI servers, I was unable to, because devtest01 appears to generally be running only the latest released versions of modules. Do we have a dev server that deploys the bleeding edge snapshots, so that there would be some way for smoke tests to pick something like this up? (It was pretty obvious own deployed, because it breaks the clinical dashboard)

Take care, Mark

Which version of the platform are you running?

Sorry @dkayiwa, should have added that–running the bleeding edge of the 1.10.x branch.

I have changed devtest01 run the latest snapshot version of the allergyui module: Can you reproduce it?

Hmm, strange… I can’t reproduce it here… I wonder if it is only an issue when running OpenMRS 1.10.x, not 1.11.x?

Take care, Mark

Would it be possible for someone to test on a vanilla 1.10.x instance and see if they are getting the error I am seeing, since we are still providing 1.10.x support for this module?

Take care, Mark