"ALLERGIES" widget positioning on RefApp 2.12.0

How can we change the position where the “ALLERGIES” widget appears on the patient dashboard in the RefApp 2.12.0?

The default position is as below:

The cofig file where the position can be set is here

The above config file allows an implementer to change the column where the widget appears by altering the value of extensionPointId, which can be set to:




But there also needs to be an “order” attribute in this file to set the ordeing of the widget within the column. Adding an “order” attribute like below does not seem to be working:

Please suggest a solution.


cc: @dkayiwa

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All extensions that do not specify an order attribute will automatically get an order value of 0. Therefore, if you want the allergies extension to be placed on top of the others, you would need to give it a value that is less than 0. e.g -1. If there is an extension that is already using an order value of -1 then you need to go even lower. e.g -2, etc.

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The solution suggested works!

Thank you @dkayiwa!