Africa Charity Project with Omron Connect and OpenMRS

We are a developer team from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) who are working on an Africa charity project using Openmrsweb and android app. Our main goal is to get blood pressure for detecting hypertension using an Omron device and sync it with the android app and web server in order diagonsed by a doctor. We have contacted omron and integrated their app (Omron Connect) with OpenMRS app so the blood pressure measurements will be sent automatically. However, now we are having some problems adding extra data in the Register patient (i.e. water supply) with OpenMRS’ app and syncing with web app. So far, we have managed to edit the android app to add “address3” which was easy because we had “address2” as a reference but our attributes implemented in the WEB (using JSON) are not in the “person_address” section but person_Attributes and i do not know if we can add attributes in the web an be able to sync using both Web and mobile APP.

Is your code some where like Github for us to take a look and advise accordingly?

this is the android client, im uploading the server and webapp to github, when its ready Ill post the link