Advisory Council Meeting 2016-05-04

FYI, today the newly-formed OpenMRS Advisory Council had its first meeting. I’d like to offer my personal thanks to those who will be participating in this important new group. :slight_smile:

Past details on the group here:

@michael - are the members of this advisory council published somewhere?

Unfortunately they have not yet been announced.

I was not involved in the meeting so can’t say for sure what the plans are for further communication, but I’m hopeful something will be coming soon. :slight_smile:

Hi @michael, @mseaton, et al:

There was a fair bit of interest in getting this group operating as quickly as possible, which might be at least partly the blame for communication gaps. I know it’s been discussed a couple of times on leadership calls, however. Let me see if I can help share more details:

The group’s charter is located here:

The following members were nominated by the current OpenMRS Leadership team and accepted a two year post: Karl Fogel, Leslie Hawthorn, Eric Jan-Manders, Bob Jolliffe, Kevin Larson, Neal Lesh, Alvin Marcelo, Garrett Mehl, Kayode Odusote, Kate Otto, Ray Ransom, Vivek Singh, and Ben Wolfe.

We are in the process of collecting biographies and pictures to share as part of a larger announcement.

Today’s inaugural call was focused on reaffirming/clarifying the goals of the advisory group as detailed in the charter, establishing process for oversight (nominating leadership, etc), and allowing for a quick question and answer session focused around a review of the OpenMRS 2016 Operational Plan.

Agenda and rough notes for the meeting are located here: . The group will review and finalize these notes by Tuesday of next week.

We also recorded the call, and @jthomas will provide a link to that file here shortly.

A more formal announcement is forthcoming,

I would presume that we can make these calls open to the public if there’s interest in doing so, perhaps only limited by the number of concurrent callers on the conference line. :slight_smile:

Hope this clarifies.

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