Advancing to /dev/2

Hi OpenMRS Community,

Thanks to @dkayiwa for guiding me towards creating a talk post here regarding my advancement to /dev/2.

I believe that I have reached the requirements for advancing to /dev/2.

  • I have been in the community since 3 Dec 2019, when Google Code-In started.
  • I have since resolved (or helped to resolve) 8 Infra Jira issues along with numerous other issues in other Jira projects.
  • I have done what I can to help others, especially regarding our infrastructure.

Based on the information above, I am nominating myself to be upgraded to /dev/2. Please give me any feedback you have regarding my contributions and what I can do better if you don’t think I’m quite there yet :slight_smile:


@permissionerror , i want to appreciate you for the great work in infrastructure , and am very amazed at the work you doing , surely keep it up. Actually because of that amazing contribution ,is the reason why you emerged GCI winner. :1st_place_medal:

However looking at the developer stages Criteria below for dev2

    A coder (dev2) is expected to be able to make meaningful contributions to OpenMRS development.

    * Can handle low complexity tickets
    * Has tackled at least 10 tickets
    * Can create a module
    * Has pair programmed 

Most of your contributions are basically in infrastructure , supporting development work.

I think you would further get more familiarized with the actual OpenMRS development , thats getting around with the core frameworks used in OpenMRS .
You would want to do more of actual OpenMRS development tickets beyond only infra related tickets,
do a few more Community priority tickets to improve your skills as regards actual OpenMRS development.
Otherwise , thanks for your great contributions and commtment to our community .



@mozzy you remind me of the fact that we need to update our dev stages criteria. We found out that some developers prefer to work on infrastructure related tasks. Therefore, we wanted to expand into that area too, such that we encourage contributions in whatever area, one finds interesting. So, @permissionerror has done the above, but on the infrastructure as code side, qualifying him to be a /dev/2. Hence, upgraded as requested. :slight_smile:


great @dkayiwa , we would then need to update our dev stage criteria , it seems to primariry focus on Actual OpenMRS development ,and more less ony any other Support related development .

then in that case , @permissionerror has done that. :wink:

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Thank you @mozzy and @dkayiwa!

Re Development: I’m going to try to get more involved with some core Jira issues as well. After all, in order to support our developers well we need to know their needs. And what better way to do that than actually being a developer myself?


I can vouch for @permissionerror, he tackled very difficult and complex infrastructure development. Infrastructure is development in my opinion, it’s different and weird, but it’s still somehow code/dsl.

I suppose I never really paid attention to the dev levels because I don’t identify myself with them, but I will pay more attention going forward.


@cintiadr you very true , Surelly as @dkayiwa mentioned , our dev stages criteria should be adjusted to accommodate all our devs ,who Support OpenMRS in all other ways that may not be actual OpenMRS development.

thats being said , i think @cintiadr you qualify to be a /dev5/ :smiley: , considering the amount of work you have done in Infrastructure

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You raise a very good point about upgrading @cintiadr to /dev/5. So @mozzy do you mind initiating a talk post about it?

For those who did not read @permissionerror’s blog, he seems to be more interested in infrastructure development and we want to encourage him towards his passion, such that @cintiadr does not burn out, doing it all alone.

So @permissionerror, if your passion is in infrastructure, yes you can climb all our dev stages by simply doing just that. :smile:


am i for upgrading @cintiadr and @permissionerror

Congs folks :+1:


Thanks @dkayiwa. If you create a talk page or a Confluence regarding updating the dev stages requirements and their roles as proposed in this talk post, please cc me in.

so interesting dialogs here, got me thinking dev stages meant to speak of ones’s OpenMRS contextualised development expertise vs overall developer expertise, we probably need more generalised stages.

thanks @permissionerror for being bold enough to request an upgrade.


eaxctly , i had the same mind :wink:

Interesting facts.

I just wanna say Congrats @permissionerror :partying_face: Keep your way in OpenMRS, and appreciating the works from @cintiadr also.


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Well done. Congratulations

Hey all, I am late to the discussion. Developer stage document is a part of my Google Season of Docs project. Is this official that dev2 criteria has changed?