Advanced Clinical Decision Support System in Healthcare - Infera

A clinical decision support system in healthcare is an application that analyzes data to help healthcare providers make decisions and improve patient care. It enable integrated workflows, provide assistance at the time of care and offer care plan recommendations. Infera is an advanced clinical decision support system that can read the specific data about patients in the EHR and can offer relevant clinical advice about their unique conditions.

Dr. Nihalani’s vision is an evidence-based clinical decision support system. Patients would feel confident that their care is based on widely accepted standards, and not subject to the variability of an individual clinician’s training and experience. His unique approach unlocks the potential for improving care outcomes by enabling clinicians to make evidence-based, patient-specific clinical decisions at the point of care.

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Hello @inferscience, great idea indeed :smiley:, this would help develop trust from the patients in the support and care being given to them. The foundation to this has been laid as of this documentation. Wondering if there could be any module for this functionality since the time of documentation :thinking:, if not this would be one of the great ideas to consider in the forth coming Gsoc program with help and advice of Dr. @inferscience:slightly_smiling_face:

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