Admission Form Android Client

I am trying to implement an admission form in the android client but I am recieving zero observations from a server under the admission encounter category. So where can I see the server code for this specific admission form, like the endpoints and the values, received and stored or sent from the server @f4ww4z @dkayiwa sir

Is this a JIRA ticket that you are working on?

this is the ticket i am working on… The thing i am facing is that while creating observation in admission form, i dont know the key value pairs of the fields that are to be submitted for each encounter…

Here, what should be the key value pair for these three fields

Is this of help?

Seems apt, I’ll just look into it and try to generate observations, will again ping if i come accross server related issue. Thanks sir

so the keywords given on this page viz encounterDate, encounterProviderAndRole, and encounterLocation are the observations that are needed to create encounter with concept = keywords on the page value = data collected while admiting in the following line :

code where it is implemented

When I am sending encounter to the server, I am receiving an error: 400 Bad Request - The Resource Does not Support the Requested Operation [null] Is there any documentation for an object that needs to be sent to admission_forms or JSON response it is expecting. I tried the way it is done n vitals and visits but failed…