Administration Tools Module Final Presentation


Its been an amazing experience being part of GSoC 2014. Thanks to my mentors and whole OpenMRS community for making it a memorable experience. I have enjoyed doing my project. Though, I am not able to complete all features but I am happy that I have added many new features which were not there in the proposal. I have learnt a lot and gained new skills during these 3 months, both soft skills technical skills.

Here’s my final video presentation for the project. Hope it inspires few to contribute to the project.

Project Resources:

Wiki Page:

Source Code:


Overall, it has been loads of fun :slight_smile:


Very nice work @ujjwal92 ! Some comments…

  • I especially like the ability to add users and providers at the same time.
  • I don’t understand what Privilege Level is/does.
  • The Global Properties had been renamed to Advanced Settings, are we reverting back to the old terminology? Is that by design or by accident? It does seem like “Advanced Settings” didn’t catch on.
  • It would be nice if you could view all the details of a global property in the list at the same time. Maybe having the description in a box under each global property? It think I preferred the ability to add/change global properties from the main list of properties. Maybe I’ll feel different when I get my hands on the module to play with it!

Keep up the good work!


Updated UI Design as shown in the “Current Design” slide in the ppt.