Administration Tool Module Midterm Presentation

Hi all

I would like to present my video for the midterm presentation of the project - Administration tools for OpenMRS 2.0.

The aim is of this project is to create a various administration tools and settings for the new Reference Application. Presently, I am dealing with three apps - Account manager, Location manager and Advanced settings.

Topics in the presentation:

Background Project Description
Completed tasks
Tasks working on
Demo, Code walk-through

Excited to see reviews and answer questions :wink:

One question for you - Would it be better to provide all different management tools as different apps on homepage itself or put all of them under System Administration app ?

Cheers Ujjwal


@ujjwal92, thanks for the presentation!

  • Per the style guide, add “(required)” after required fields and show inline errors, so people can discover errors before submitting the form.

  • On the create account form, I would expect the Save button to be disabled if requirements had not yet been met (e.g., required fields blank).

  • Gender should not have a default value (if not already the case, in the future gender will likely be optional for persons linked to a provider or user account).

You’re doing a great job, especially considering that several aspects of your project are being re-designed as you work on them (Sorry for that).

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Hi @burke

Thanks a lot for reviews :blush: I’ll correct them asap.

Hey ujjwal!

great presentation! it is nice to see the reference application evolve! the legacy administration clearly doesn’t fit the fancy ui of openmrs 2.0

are you using a library to perform validation or have you developed it yourself? what do you think about validating a form field right after it lost its focus?

Cheers, Lukas

Great presentation @ujjwal92!

To answer your question, I would prefer we have one admin app that takes you to a page with the actual apps provided by this module however, it should have an extension point to allow other modules to add more admin related apps to the page.

Question: When changing the password, do you log out the user after they save?

@darius don’t we want to support creating an account starting from an existing person record? I understand this is not supported currently.

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Thanks a lot @lbat. Your presentation was great too !

I have developed the validator myself, taking idea from Mirebalais project’s form validator. You can see my Form Validator class here. The class extends the Validator class and uses Errors class of spring framework.

Yes, @burke told me that as per the style guide, we have to show inline errors. I am going to add it.

Thanks a lot @wyclif !

Sounds good but I was thinking that some main functionalities like Account Manager should stay on the homepage.

No, currently I let the seesion continue for the user. The new password is required at the time of next login.

hey @ujjwal92,

I have written my validator the same way as you. Recently I came across hibernate validator, where you annotate the attributes of your POJO accordingly and hibernate is doing the validation [1]. There are a lot of prebuilt annotations available [2]. I will check it out the next time I have to write one. I can let you how it worked out if you are interested.

In my first question I actually meant to client side validation. I think it is a great usability feature to have immediate feedback. I am using the jquery-validator plugin for this purpose [3] I think it is very easy to use.

Cheers, Lukas

[1] [2] [3]

@ujjwal92, thanks for the presentation!

Echoing Wyclif, I don’t think that we want each individual app to appear on the home page. My personal preference is to have two homepage apps (and the adminui module should add these) called “Administer System”, and “Configure Metadata”. Account Manager would go under the first one.

Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to have an Add Account button at the top of the View All Accounts screen?

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