Admin user doesn't have admin permissions

Reference Application Version 2.12

Question: I am using Tomcat 9.0.58 with java 1.8.0_261 running on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I went through the installation wizard and logged into the application as the admin user I had specified during setup. I was automatically redirected to /openmrs/owa/addonmanager/index.html#/ where I see the error message: “You cannot view or manage the Add Ons since you dont have the privileges and you are not an admin.” My admin user appears to be configured in the database with the correct permissions, so I headed over to the tomcat logs. There were a few errors related to admin pages:

  • Unable to get locale global property value. Service not found: interface org.openmrs.api.AdministrationService
  • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/openmrs/module/web/extension/AdministrationSectionExt

I looked for similar errors on the openmrs docs and found one on the Troubleshooting OpenMRS page that indicates “There is an incompatibility between OpenMRS and versions of Tomcat later than 6.0.29”, and that tomcat should be downgraded to that version. Since this page was last updated in 2012 and the installation docs indicate to use tomcat 7 or the latest version, I’m not sure if that info is still relevant. So my questions are:

  1. What is the latest compatible version of tomcat for reference application version 2.12?
  2. Has anyone else run into this issue, or have an idea what could be causing it?

Tomcat 9 should work with RefApp 2.12. The issue you are seeing usually arises when there’s an error loading most of the RefApp’s UI. Are you able to find the OpenMRS log file and if so, could you upload it to a snippet-hosting service so we can review it.

The catalina.out log file is here: Please let me know if there are additional logs files that would be helpful! I will note that the /openmrs/owa/addonmanager/index.html# page I am directed to is the only page that I can reach in the UI, this screenshot shows my view:

I realized my previous file upload was single-use. I’ve uploaded the log file here and anyone should be able to access and download: catalina.out - Google Drive

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Are you sure you downloaded the Reference Application? This actually looks like it may be the platform, which doesn’t have a UI and kind of would explain why you’re a) getting directed to the Add Ons manager (I think we fixed that in RefApp 2.13) and b) not able to do anything with it.

Hi Ian, you are correct I was using the wrong installation entirely, platform version 2.4.3. I’ll reinstall the ref app 2.13, thank you for your help diagnosing my problem!