Admin UI sprint: What is high priority?


We are putting together a sprint to work on the admin UI module in the coming weeks, we intend to include this module in the upcoming release of the reference application (version 2.3). For those of you who don’t know about this module, the goal of the module is to provide the basic administrative features kind of like the main admin page from the legacy UI. Some work has already been done, initially as part of GSoC 2014 and then the hackathon we had in Mozambique. I have created this jira agile board for the sprint. We would like to add more features for managing mostly metadata and we intend to write them using REST+Angular JS, i was suggesting we start with the following in the upcoming sprint(s):

  • Encounter Types(Almost done)
  • Visits Types
  • Visit Attribute Types
  • Provider Attribute Types
  • Encounter Roles
  • Patient Identifier Types
  • And a page for Viewing the Location Hierarchy

Does the list above sound like it’s inclusive of the things you think are of higher priority? We are welcoming your suggestions for what you think we should address first.