Admin UI Sprint ended


The Admin UI sprint ended as of Sunday 9th, thanks to all the participants and those that have helped with testing. We didn’t get many volunteers so we ended up with minimal completed tickets, now we have 3 closed tickets, 9 unclaimed tickets, 1 that is being tested and 7 that are being worked on but not complete, hopefully we will get these closed too in the next 1-2 days. If you have any ticket assigned to you that is not complete, please feel free to complete it even after the sprint has ended, if you don’t have time you can unassign yourself from it. We will be having another 2 week sprint to complete the remaining tickets, it will probably start next week, i will send out another email with a confirmed date and more details about the sprint. If you think you will have time to contribute please let us know, we need you and please help us get this done.