Admin access to the openmrs-contrib-id-user-management-dashboard Repo for ITSM

Hey there,

I had @dmytro.trifonov transfer his GSoC project to our org on Github, but currently can’t add it to the ITSM team…so as a result, I don’t know who has access to it now, but it should probably be the ITSM team.

Probably went about this completely wrong but…what’s done is done, eh…This is the one area where the infra team can’t do much – or at least I can’t.

Hi Robby,

I don’t quite understand the ask here. Are you saying this repo should have the ITSM team group added as read+write collaborators?

-Darius (by phone)

I don’t think we need to make a distinction between ITSM devs vs. OpenMRS devs. They’re all OpenMRS devs. This is no different than Atlas server, modulus, etc. I ran my script to clean up the GitHub repos, so team assignments should be updated.

The ITSM team has had access to projects which the ITSM team maintains – you can also add to tthe Partial Committers – this is how things have been set up,

No access here.

Admin access would be preferable so that I can add travis if I wish :slight_smile:

I’m going to close this as it was handled.