Address Hierarchy

Hi everyone and @mksd I am currently intent to add fields in Addres Heirarchy but I have encountered the problem that all fields appear to me as text and none as a dropdown. In the link: https: // I was able to observe that if it can but I am not sure that I should add in the configuration so that they appeared to me so ?? besides that I would like to know if it is possible to add other fields since I occupy more, is this also possible ??

Thanks in advance :blush:

Hi @rafanetow,

You mean that the fields that you have attempted to add don’t show up with dropdown menus, or you observe this for all address fields anyway?

HI @mksd Maybe I do not express myself well, I wanted to know first how it would be possible to do a dropdown (example countries) like this link: https: // Is there any guide? or any advice to be able to do something like that

Hi @rafanetow,

I responded here. Let’s follow up on that thread.